What IS "The 7 Voices in Your Head"?

What IS "The 7 Voices in Your Head"?

What IS "The 7 Voices in Your Head"?What IS "The 7 Voices in Your Head"?What IS "The 7 Voices in Your Head"?

It's a blend of sound effects, voices, music, and a sizzling keynote message that will inspire your group to greatness! 

Opening Sample of Bill's "7 voices" presentation

Bill Guertin (pronounced like "13") is known to many as "The 800-Pound Gorilla of Sales Performance."  In his work as one of the top trainers within the ticket sales departments of professional sports teams, Bill's observations has led him to create "The Seven Voices In Your Head," a keynote performance art program that combines audio, sound effects and music to tell a story that is as unique as each one in your audience.  

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bill's signature presentation: 30 to 40-minute keynote

The Seven Voices In Your Head

So many people go through life being held back by their own "voices" -- those negative thoughts, fears and feelings inside that stifle their careers as well as their personal lives.  Are they holding YOU back from what you can truly become?

With a unique blend of music, sound effects, energy, interaction, laughter and tears, Bill introduces each of the Seven Voices in a revealing, humorous way, and brings your audience on a ride they'll truly enjoy.  The live piano performance finale features Bill singing along with the Seven Voices in harmony, and is not to be missed!

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